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Khushi Baby

Udaipur, India |


Millions of children miss essential vaccines needed to grow up healthy. We improve vaccination rates in the developing world with a digital necklace that makes medical history wearable. The necklace uses an NFC chip to store the baby’s entire vaccination history. It can be reviewed and updated by the health worker by simply scanning the chip with the phone.

Unlike other mHealth solutions that are reliant on connectivity to a centralized database, the necklace allows the data to live directly with the patient, and it allows health workers to interact with patients completely off-grid. We chose a necklace because children in India were already wearing such talismans to promote good health. The chip was chosen because it costs less than 50 cents, is durable, water-proof, and battery-free.

We are piloting our innovation with Seva Mandir starting in Feb 2015. We’ll be testing this solution in 100 villages in Rajasthan, India. With 8 health workers equipped with our app, we estimate we will cover 4000 children by the end of the year and be able to monitor up to 40,000 vaccination events remotely and in real time.

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