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Nairobi, Kenya |


Kidogo is piloting an innovative “hub-and-spoke” model to sustainably deliver high quality, affordable early childhood care and education to families living in Nairobi’s informal settlements for less than $1/day. The approach is two-pronged. First, Kidogo establishes best-practice “hub” sites staffed by trained caregivers from the local community. Hub sites feature a play-based, child-centered curriculum aligned with local government standards; a feeding program; and ongoing training for parents and caregivers. Second, Kidogo works to improve the quality of local baby care “spokes” through a micro-franchising program. The micro-franchising program supports local “mama-preneurs” by providing a business-in-a-box consisting of locally made play materials and curriculum resources as well as access to continuous training, mentorship, and support through the hubs. Through combining the sustainability of low-cost, parent-financed ECD “hubs” with the scalability of micro-franchised “spokes,” Kidogo seeks to develop a proven model for quality ECD in under-resourced settings.

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