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Kids Comp Camp

Machakos, Kenya |


The world today is complex and cruel; everyone one needs a competitive edge to survive. We are living in a digital-ized, knowledge-driven society; everyone needs digital literacy skills to thrive.

Kids’ computer camps, dubbed ‘Kids Comp Camp’, is an initiative to equip children living in marginalized communities in Africa with digital literacy skills as a vital life skill in this day and age.

Kids’ Comp Camps happen during school holidays – April, August, and December. During the camps, children learn how to handle different digital devices and how to use them to enhance their learning outcomes. Apart from the training, children go through a session dubbed, ‘Heart and Craft’. This is an opportunity for trainers to connect and share life experiences with the kids. This is done within a safe environment of creative group activities. Bonds created in Heart and Craft usually lead to mentorship. Given that most of the trainers are university students and young professionals, the children have a lot to look up to them.

For every school at which we do a camp, we aim to establish a readily accessible computer lab. The computer lab would open up during school holidays to be a community shared computer club accessible by all community children and not necessary those attending that particular school.

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