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S.L.U.M.S. Curriculum

Nairobi, Kenya |


The Supply, a non-profit organization, believes that change will and must come from within slums and that a more relevant education model addressing the core challenges of these slums, as well as adequately equipping its students, is necessary to catalyze this change. Realizing the need for upgrading slums rather than eviction and exclusion, The Supply created Student Leaders Understanding My Slums, or S.L.U.M.S., a new supplemental curriculum implemented in a network of low-cost secondary schools that are committed to civic education and service learning in slums.

The S.L.U.M.S. curriculum is integrated into the normal lesson planning for the teachers and classes take place two to three hours a week during the school year. The service-learning curriculum encourages students  to ask, dream, investigate, create, and reflect on and around varied themes, ranging from human rights, self-identity and community. In the first week of the month, the facilitator comes up with a research question related to human rights in their community (e.g., the lack of clean water). The students then ask questions and discuss with their peers, and also conduct research in their community or in textbooks. In the last two weeks of the program, they propose a direct service project, a research project, or an advocacy project to best answer their primary questions. They share their reflections every week, with a capstone reflection at the end of the month, so that every learner has the opportunity to share his or her experiences with other students.

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