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Solution Team

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School bullying is one of the most prevalent forms of violence experienced by children and adolescents worldwide. Punishing the kids involved has little success and often makes the bullying worse.

Solution Team® is revolutionizing the way schools respond to bullying. Under Solution Team, a trained member of the school staff, called a Solution Coach, brings together a team of students and leverages their empathy to end the bullying of one of their peers. The team includes the bully, the bully-followers and positive leaders from the peer group. The teacher tells the team that they are not in trouble, describes how it feels to be in the target’s shoes and asks the team what they can do or stop doing to stop the bullying. The educator leads the team through two structured follow-up meetings, the final one attended by the target.

Teachers trained in Solution Team are able to remedy over 90% of cases of bullying. In 2012, Solution Team was awarded the first prize in a global competition, organized by Ashoka Changemakers, for activating empathy to achieve social impact and sustainability.

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