Working with communities

The Adolescent Girls and Boys Programs

Jamkhed, India |


The Adolescent Girls Program (AGP) is a six-month program for unmarried adolescent girls from age 12 to 18. A hands-on curriculum tailored to the girls’ interests includes topics of mental and physical health, the environment, and social issues. In addition, girls have the opportunity to learn self-defense and income-generation skills, such as candle making, sewing and tailoring, maintaining plant nurseries, jewelry making, and mehandi (henna) drawing throughout their sessions.

The Adolescent Boys Program (ABP) is for boys age 12 to 18, living in villages of the Jamkhed block of all castes, ethnic groups, and socioeconomic backgrounds. ABP was designed to counter gender inequality, male underachievement, and lack of health awareness, and to develop effective leadership skills among adolescent boys. It helps them understand the concept of gender equity, debunk stereotypes about women, and reduce the incidence of gender-based violence.

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