Innovation Labs

UNICEF Innovation Lab

Kampala, Uganda |

This lab a physical prototyping workshop, a RapidSMS service development hub, an electronics workshop, a video production set, a place for hosting skills workshops, and an informal, accessible venue that allows for greater co-creation between UNICEF and the community. The lab develops technology in the form of physical products and mobile services that provide the end user with an unprecedented level of access to information and also create opportunities for real-time feedback loops and improved data collection methods.

In this vein, the Uganda lab uses initiatives like MobiStation (a solar-powered multimedia kit) to address some of the biggest challenges of the education system: teacher absenteeism, poor-quality instruction, and lack of textbooks, and thereby bring quality education to marginalized groups. The Uganda innovation lab acts as the backbone for the UNICEF innovation team, rolling out existing and new solutions to other UNICEF country offices. For instance, the lab is working with partners to adopt RapidSMS2.0 (also called RapidPro) applications such as U-report.

(Primary research focus: product and service development)

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