A music festival is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of issues like education, energy sustainability or quality of life.

But that’s exactly what was on the schedule at the 2nd Annual International Festival of Social Innovation.

“fiiS celebrates the fact that everyone has the power to make a difference”

Held from 22–26 October 2014 in Santiago de Chile, the Festival Internacional de Innovación Social (fiiS), as it is known in Spanish, featured Latin American music sensations sharing the stage with renowned scientists, athletes, business leaders, youth activists, government officials, young inventors and surfers. All had gathered to talk about social change and children’s rights before an audience of 75,000 people.

Now an annual festival, fiiS celebrates the fact that solutions do not come only from experts – everyone has the power to make a difference.

The methodology of fiiS is straightforward: Young people come to watch bands and thought leaders and participate in an interactive festival where people from all walks of life are invited to imagine, and then begin building solutions together. It’s a methodology that reaches younger audiences, deepens relationships with current and future partners, and is adaptable to other countries in the region and around the world.

UNICEF used the opportunity of fiiS to advance its All Children Can Learn campaign, expanding the debate about education to include new ways to access schooling, to improve the quality of learning spaces, and to support the development of soft skills.

fiiS is about passion and how heightened emotions and intense commitment can create long-lasting change. It is about how barriers to collective power do not exist. It is more than a conference or a congress or a concert. It is a movement, and it is for everybody.